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Acoustic & Electric Guitar Lessons in Worcester UK

Playing acoustic guitar is so rewarding, it’s one of those instruments you can play anywhere. anytime, and it’s so portable!

Be the centre of attention, play to family and friends or at get togethers and parties, or just play for your own pleasure, strumming away to your favourite songs.

When learning to play the acoustic guitar it’s a good idea to have lessons and to be taught by a professional.

Having guitar tuition and being taught by an experienced player / teacher will have lots of benefits. You will progress much faster, you will also develop correct playing techniques, and have fun playing duets and being able to ask the teacher questions etc, you can’t get that from a tuition book or from video tutorials.

What do You want from your Guitar Lessons?

I want to learn Rock, Pop, Folk, Blues or Jazz Guitar Styles

I want to improve my playing technique

I want to play my favourite songs

I’m a beginner looking for guitar tuition. Help Me!

I want to take guitar exam grades

We can teach and help you with all those things. plus so much more.

 Get in touch, and we’ll get you started. We look forward meeting you!

The guitar tuition is taught from our Worcester Premises.

Students aged 8 years and upwards are taught guitar, and we teach beginners as well as more advanced players.

The guitar lessons are taught throughout the week and also on a Saturday morning.

The tuition is one on one - we don’t teach group lessons.

Learn Strumming and Finger Picking

You need to learn how to Strum chords on a guitar before going onto more difficult techniques such as finger picking.

You would learn the basics to chord strumming such as…

Ghost Strum

Down / Up strums and Down and Upbeats

Muted Strums

Correct motion of the strumming arm, Elbow and Wrist

Finger Picking (sometimes called finger style) is a very important guitar technique to master.

Unlike chord strumming where multiple strings are played at the same time, finger picking at it’s most basic level involves picking single strings in succession based on the individual notes of a chord.

When your have mastered a basic strumming technique then it’s time to get the fretted hand working (the chord hand).

Acoustic guitar lessons / tuition at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK

Learn Guitar Tab, Notation and Chord Charts

Unless you play guitar by ear, there are much better ways to learn new songs.

Depending on the style of music, most songs will be transcribed with either guitar tablature (tab), standard music notation and chord charts, or a combination of the three.

Your guitar teacher will introduce you to these as the lessons progress, this is not to say that playing guitar by ear is bad, it is also very welcome and playing by ear will also be developed.

Music is a language, and it will take time and practice to become fluent in it.

Learning to read guitar tab at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK

Playing electric guitar is just so cool, especially with all the great guitar amp and effects pedals out there to choose from!

The electric guitar lessons for beginners are taught to students who are 8 years of age and upwards, at our music studio in Worcester.

The guitar lessons are taught One on One, this means you get the undivided attention of the teacher, and you will progress faster.

All the basic techniques are taught including chord strumming, and finger picking. Rhythm and scale modes will be taught for improvisation and ear training  will be developed.

As you progress as a player, the various guitar styles will be introduced such as Rock, Funk, Blues and Jazz. If you aim to be a metal merchant, no worries, you can do that too!

You could be the next Jimmy Hendrix or Eric Clapton, you won’t know if you don’t try, so get in touch and we can help you become the next Guitar Legend!

Electric Guitar Tuition

Electric guitar lessons / tuition at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK
Bass guitar tuition / lessons at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK

Bass Guitar Tuition

The Bass player is such an important member of the band. When the bass is locked in with the drums and grooving there is no sound like it!

We can provide tuition that will get you playing the bass guitar quickly. Learn important playing techniques, become an ‘intelligent’ bass player, you’ll be the bed rock of any pop, rock or jazz band.

The bass lessons are tailored to each student, making sure the student can achieve goals at a comfortable pace. Have fun learning to play the bass guitar, we’ll certainly have fun teaching you!

Price of guitar tuition, and payments we accept

Guitar tuition prices are based on the length of lesson, and are taught on a weekly basis. The tuition fees (payable by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer) are as follows…

  • 30 minute lesson - £15
  • 45 minute lesson - £22.50
  • 60 minute lesson - £30

The tuition fees are to be paid on either a weekly or monthly basis. We do not have card payment facilities, so we do not take credit / debit card payments.

Where are the lessons taught?

The guitar lessons are taught at our Music Studio,

The Music Chamber, UNIT 3, Ronkswood Hill, Worcester WR4 9ER

More information about guitar tuition and guitar lessons in Worcester can be  found  at musiclessonsworcester website

Get in touch and call Scott on 01905 359449

The Music Chamber school of music providing Guitar Lessons, Guitar Tuition, Guitar Teacher in Worcester UK

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