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Electronic Keyboard Lessons in Worcester UK

Electronic keyboard tuition / lessons at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK

The Keyboard lessons are taught at our Worcester City music studio.

Enjoy hours of fun and discovery, when learning to play the keyboard. 

The keyboard lessons are taught 1/1, and the teacher will make the keyboard tuition rewarding, and engaging. Learn to play pop songs, ballads, movie themes, classical themes and cute little jazz pieces.

We teach children from the age of 8 yrs and upwards. Learning to play keyboard is also a great pastime for adults and people who are retired and who wish to take up a hobby etc. The teaching material used  in the keyboard lessons is carefully chosen to match the ability of each student. The keyboard lessons are taught by a friendly, experienced teacher making the keyboard tuition fun and rewarding. The instrument used in the keyboard tuition is of high quality, and sounds fantastic! We are confident that you will really enjoy taking keyboard lessons at The Music Chamber.

So if you are a beginner wanting to take keyboard tuition in Worcester, please get in touch and we can arrange a time and day for your first keyboard lesson.

Learn to Read Sheet Music

Learn to read music notation / sheet music. This opens up many more possibilities of the range of keyboard music available to learn. 

The keyboard teacher will introduce how to read treble clef notation (the melody of a tune, played with the right hand), you will also learn how to play fingered chords with the left hand. As you progress in your keyboard lessons the teacher will also introduce reading left hand notation (bass clef).

Keyboard Finger Workouts

To improve your keyboard technique and make your fingers more agile, finger workouts are used. These challenging, rewarding exercises are a great way to improve your keyboard playing. The students love them!  They are a brilliant way to warm up in your keyboard lessons. 

Benefits of Learning Keyboard

There are many benefits to playing keyboard, including…Focus / Concentration / Coordination / Improved Memory / being Creative and enjoying playing your favourite tunes!

So get in touch, and book your first keyboard lesson, remember…

’ it’s never too late to learn’!

Learn to read sheet music at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK
Suitable Electronic Keyboard for beginners.

Will I be able to take keyboard

exams / music grades?

Most students want to play keyboard for pleasure. Students that want to gain certificates and music grades in electronic keyboard, can be entered into music grade  / examinations with the following exam boards:

  • ICMA  - Independent Contemporary Music Awards
  • Trinity - Guildhall School of Music and Drama
  • LCM - London College of Music

Purchasing a suitable keyboard

If you are looking to purchase an electronic keyboard we would recommend the following features, if your budget allows:

  • 61 keys that are touch sensitive
  • Split and dual layer modes for right / left hand voices / sounds
  • Accompaniment styles - fingered chord facility (drums / rhythm)
  • Memory registrations (useful for storing setups for each tune)

Don’t forget you will also need a keyboard stand and stool. You will need to buy a keyboard if you begin taking keyboard lessons.

The keyboard teacher can provide plenty of advice if you need assistance. The following keyboard brands are recommended:

Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Casio

Price of Keyboard tuition

Keyboard tuition prices are based on the length of lesson, and are taught on a weekly basis. The tuition fees (payable by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer) are as follows…

  • 30 minute lesson - £15
  • 45 minute lesson - £22.50
  • 60 minute lesson - £30

The tuition fees are to be paid on either a weekly or monthly basis.

We do not have card payment facilities, we do not take credit / debit card payments.

Where are the lessons taught?

Get in touch and call Scott on 01905 359449

The Music Chamber school of music providing Keyboard Lessons, Keyboard Tuition, Keyboard Teacher in Worcester UK

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The keyboard lessons are taught at our Music Studio,

The Music Chamber, UNIT 3, Ronkswood Hill, Worcester WR4 9ER

For other keyboard tuition information about keyboard lessons in Worcester please visit our musiclessonsworcester website.

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