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Vocal tuition and vocal lessons at The Music Chamber music school in Worcester UK

Singing Lessons, Singing Teacher and Vocal Tuition in Worcester UK

If you want to take Singing lessons and Vocal Tuition in Rock, Pop and Musical Theatre then our singing teachers  at our Worcester music studio are here to help! The voice is an AMAZING instrument! Just as any other instrument, it takes time, patience and practice to perfect your art. It is also important to find a singing teacher or vocal coach that you are comfortable around, and building a relationship with your music teacher will develop over time.

Our vocal teachers know how important building a relationship with the student is, and having vocal lessons in a relaxed environment is what’s needed. Our singing teachers at The Music Chamber, are friendly and experienced musicians, and are also very capable performing and recording artists.

Every singer is unique, and has ‘their own’ tonal quality, and no two vocalists are alike. With this in mind, our singing teacher(s) / vocal coach will aim to enhance your voice and take your singing (no matter what the style), to the next level.

If you are looking for a Singing Teacher or Vocal Tutor in Worcester UK, then please get in touch. The Students love their Singing Lessons, and we teach complete beginners how to sing! So don’t feel intimidated!!

Improving Your Vocal Technique

The singing teacher / vocal coach will provide and take you through various vocal techniques and vocal exercises to extend you singing range, and to focus on pitch and breathing control. Age is not an issue, but we do feel that children should be 8 years old as a minimum.

Some of the Important aspects the singing teacher will concentrate on during the course of your singing lessons will include…

  • Correct breathing techniques
  • Rhythm and phrasing
  • Diction
  • Pitch control
  • How to achieve a better performance
  • How to improve your listening skills
  • Confidence building

This list is not exhaustive, but we feel they are the main points when developing a good singing style and vocal technique.

Male vocal tuition, vocal lessons at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK
Girl Rock vocal tuition / lessons at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK

Emotivity and Focus in your Singing

Expressing yourself through singing can be a tremendous stress reliever! You often here a musician say ’I was in the zone’. What does that actually mean and how does that make me a better singer / performer?

When a musician is ‘In the zone’ it is a way of saying they were totally absorbed, focused on their performance. It’s a wonderful experience to have, it’s as if the soul, body and mind are one - This is the essence of Zen, we don’t teach Zen (Yoga) but we will teach you how to focus and express the music. Maybe one day you too will be able to experience getting ‘Into the zone’!

Having Self Confidence to Sing

Very often people have the ability to sing, but are held back because they are anxious, nervous and lacking in self confidence. The singing teachers are very aware of this issue, and have the experience to help. 

Everyone has the ability to sing, and it’s quite amazing to experience the transformation for both the student, teacher and parents!

Vocal / Singing Music Exams

Most students want to sing for their own pleasure, and do not wish to participate in music grades, that’s totally fine. For those students wishing to take a more academic route the singing teacher will work through the following music exam syllabus.

  • Contemporary, Pop Vocal & Musical Theatre Singing Examinations -  ICMA Exams

The singing tuition will include technique , aural awareness and music theory where necessary depending on the syllabus chosen.

Male pop vocal tuition / vocal lessons at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK
Recording vocals at The Music Chamber school of music in Worcester UK

Microphone Technique and

Vocal Recording

If you’re aspiring to become a performing musician or a recording artist then microphone technique is very important.

All exceptional vocalists have an understanding how to work the microphone, and to make it work for them, like it’s an extension to their voice. This is so important, and something that we can teach.

Students, with the expertise of the teacher, will choose a suitable song for their voice. The teacher will then go through the song aiming to get the best performance from the student prior to the recording session. The voice can then be recording singing along to a high quality backing track. Our recording engineer will then mix, produce and master the final recording either to CD and / or to digital media.

We have a fully working, private recording studio. We only use the best equipment, and we can capture your voice exquisitely.

Students may be offered a recording session, the costs are not cheap, because this is a premium service. The recording quality is outstanding.

Pop and Rock Vocal Tuition

Grace and Conner - our vocal coaches / singing teachers, and performers have this to say…


If you have the desire to become a much better Rock or Pop vocalist we have the course just for you


By adopting a relaxed non–exam driven environment this specialist tuition provides rock and pop vocalists the opportunity to develop their vocal skills.

Gradually building up confidence, strength and stamina with tried and tested methods used by some of today’s top rock vocalists.

Using a system of techniques that open up the individual potential in all vocalists the tuition would benefit anyone wishing to develop core strength and flexibility in their vocal performance. 

The singing teachers will tailor make your vocal sessions to your individual needs.


Our aim is to make learning fun, informative and relevant to individual and specific needs, building confidence and ability to create a stronger, more versatile singer and performer


Musical Theatre Singing Tuition

Singing tuition that covers ALL the basic needs to improve your vocals. Musical Theatre can be taught from the age of 8yrs and upwards. The lessons would cover topics such as…




Musical awareness


Confidence building and performance

Learn to sing songs from the West End and Broadway shows. Sing the tunes that you would like to sing and be guided by a professional vocal coach. Learn how to keep control of your voice when nervous, and during performances.

Musical Theatre tuition covers all the important singing techniques and aspects needed to make you a better singer! The vocal tuition is suitable for children and adults, so what are you waiting for!

Price of singing tuition, and payments we accept

Singing tuition prices are based on the length of lesson, and are taught on a weekly basis. The tuition fees (payable by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer) are as follows…

  • 30 minute lesson - £15
  • 45 minute lesson - £22.50
  • 60 minute lesson - £30

The tuition fees are to be paid on either a weekly or monthly basis. We do not have card payment facilities, so we do not take credit / debit card payments.

Where are the lessons taught?

The singing lessons are taught at our Music Studio,

The Music Chamber, UNIT 3, Ronkswood Hill, Worcester WR4 9ER

More information about singing and vocal tuition and singing lessons in Worcester can be  found  at musiclessonsworcester website

Get in touch and call Scott on 01905 359449

The Music Chamber school of music providing Singing Lessons, Singing Tuition, Singing Teacher in Worcester UK

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